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Ecotecture's purpose is to empower our readers to solve environmental problems by providing them with information on a wide variety of ecologial design topics. Ecotecture's underlying philosophy is that by modeling the design of human systems on those of natural ecosystems, we can make human systems more sustainable and reduce our negative impact on the biosphere. Learn more about our philosophy: What is Ecotecture.

To the extent possible, we support a discussion format, and we encourage readers share their comments and ideas for articles. Readers may also submit articles for publication, and we will publish as many articles as we can support and believe will benefit our readers in their quest to improve the planet.

While ECOTECTURE®: The Journal of Ecological Design discusses broad issues in sustainable design, ranging from the redesign of cities for better ecological performance to sustainable agriculture, we have devoted a special section of the Journal to ecological houses. That section, "Your Ecological House,™," provides information for homeowners and residential designers, architects and builders on retrofitting and building eco-friendly homes.

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