Magazine and Newspaper Column Query: "Your Ecological House"™

Published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Corvallis Gazette-Times, Helena Independent Record, Eugene Register-Guard, Rhode Island Call, Cape Fear Go Green (South Carolina), Durango Herald, and Ecological Home Ideas magazine

Dear Editor/Publisher,

• Must an environmentally friendly house cost more to build than a standard house?
• If you want to live in a green house, is it better to build a new house or remodel your existing house?
• What is the best type of insulation?
• Should you install solar panels?
• Will you do more harm than good if you replace your old windows with new, "energy-efficient" windows?
• What is "gray water," and how can it be used in your home? Is gray water safe?

My self-syndicated column, “Your Ecological House,” addresses those questions and many more. Part "how to" and part "what to," “Your Ecological House” appeals to a wide audience: anyone who lives in a house and cares about the planet.

As an expert on ecological design and construction who is also a teacher and writer, I'm in a unique position to help homeowners and others understand the complex choices they must make if they really want to "go green."

Below please find information about the column and two sample columns. If you would like to see more columns or discuss including "Your Ecological House" in your publication, please e-mail me or call me at 541-738-6430.

Thank you,

Philip S. Wenz, “Your Ecological House”™


• issued twice monthly
• about 700 words
• fees negotiable, depending on size and location of your publication


• first non-exclusive rights granted on a regional basis (the column will not appear in a directly competing publication)
• I am accessible and deal with you directly, not through an agency or syndicate


Should You Build a New “Green” Home, or Retrofit Your Current Home?

What is the Best Insulation for Your Ecological House?

Freelance Writing and Editing Services: Ecological Design

research and reporting
writing and technical writing
copywriting, press releases and advertising

Dear Editor or Marketing Executive,

We are entering an era of explosive growth in “green” planning, design and construction. Yet you might have trouble finding a writer who has both an in-depth knowledge of those fields and the ability to explain them to the general public.

As a specialist in ecological design and construction who is also a teacher and writer, I can interpret the technical aspects of sustainable architecture and emerging green technologies to the lay reader. Whether you need a story about green building codes or a press release to introduce your environmentally friendly product or service, I can provide clear, informative and engaging copy that will make your readers want to learn more.

My freelance services include research and reporting; writing and technical writing; copywriting, press releases and advertising; and editing.

Read about my writing projects and recent articles below, and contact me to learn more about my writing services, fees and schedules and learn how I can help you.

Thank you,

Philip S. Wenz, Editor and Publisher
Ecotecture®: The Journal of Ecological Design
Your Ecological House™

Writing by Philip S. Wenz

I am the author of the syndicated newspaper column “Your Ecological House” (see opposing column) and have recently contributed major articles to Planning, the official publication of the American Planning Association, and Ecological Homes Ideas (magazine). I have also contributed to Fine Homebuilding (magazine) and the Journal of Light Construction.

I also wrote, illustrated, and took most of the photographs for the book Adding to a House (Taunton Press, 1995), on the planning, design and construction of home additions.

Some of my recent articles (other than in the Ecotecture Journal)

PLANNING (magazine)
“Green Building Codes”
“Waste Water Recycling in Orange County, California”
“Grassroots Sustainability Planning in Corvallis, Oregon”

When the Sun Hides” (backup heating systems for passive solar houses)
“Choosing a Backup Heating System”
“Your Ecological House”™ syndicated newspaper column — (see opposing column)