Sample Query

from: Joe
subject: Colorado Solar Incentives Program

Dear Editor,

I am the assistant to Ertha Earthsaver, Director of the State of Colorado's Solar Incentives Program. Ms. Earthsaver has asked me to inquire about the possibility of running a press release on the Incentives Program and its new Solar Design Contest in your Journal.


Colorado's Energy Conservation Department has recently created a Solar Incentives Program directed by Ertha Earthsaver, former director of Colorado State University's Sustainable Studies Department. The Solar Incentives Program proposes and administrates tax incentive programs for solar installations and operates several educational programs to inform the public about solar alternatives. One such program, the Solar Design Contest, offers cash awards to architects and designers and tax incentives to builders of exceptional solar projects. The contest is open to designers everywhere but the projects, of course, must be within the State's borders.

Our press release summarizes the contests rules and incentives in its beginning "news" paragraphs and goes on to describe the Solar Incentives Program in general. The article runs 1900 words and is illustrated with a photograph of a solar home in Denver and a portrait of Ms. Earthsaver.

Please respond at your earliest convenience, as our contest time line is approaching. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have or you may explore the above links.


Joe Greenie