Farewell Steve Jobs

We miss you Steve! Here’s the comments we sent to Apple and the NY Times.
~ Ecotecture Staff

Remembering Steve Jobs

Your light has gone out in our world but it shines on under my fingertips in the dark, rows of lit keys like a bank of votive candles. Your gifts grace and inspire my life and my work. Thank you Steve, you have my undying gratitude. I imagine you’ll carry on as always, making things different, from where you are now. Say hello to John.
~ Annie

I like to think that Steve’s not “dead” β€” he’s passed on to bigger and better things. And as long as there are people taping keys and staring at screens on this planet, he’ll certainly never die.

Still, I have a lump in my throat and wet eyes as I write this on my sixth MAC. Without Steve’s vision, gumption and integrity, where would I be? Where would we all be?

RIP Steve, and good luck with your next launch.


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