Your Ecological House

does the class sideberrt stay in the content area or does it keep floating to the edge of the right side?

Subhead 1 level3 page

2 column layout - any column can be the longest. Footer will stay at bottom of window unless content is greater then it stays at bottom of document.

converting this to fixed width dflfgldflgdlgfkldfkgjldkjfgld kjfgldkjdfldjfglkj dfglkjdflgkjldafk

Subhead 2

Wide elements in the center column will force all center col contents below the longest side col. Fixed with a min-width on #outer and js script for IE since IE ignores min-width.

Tested on PC (IE5, 5.5 , 6, Mozilla 1.2 , Firebird 0.6.1, Opera7,Netscape 6.2). Opera 6 doesn't like the footer but it's usable. Mac Firebird and Mac Netscape 6 & 7 (OS9) look perfect in all cases. Mac IE 5.1.7 & IE5.2.3 and Safari1.1.1 don't like the footer and render it at bottom of the longest column. However the columns works fine and the effect is still usable.

Subhead h3

The left and right column colours are the background showing through from the body. Left column back