Book Review

Gaia : An Atlas of Planet Management
by Dr. Norman Myers (Editor), Nancy J. Myers


Paperback - 272 pages
Rev & updated edition (January 1, 1993)
Anchor Books/Doubleday;
Dimensions (in inches): 0.71 x 11.33 x 8.42


by Philip S. Wenz, Publisher

Within arms reach of my computer are the dozen or so basic reference books—dictionary, thesaurus, desk encyclopedia, atlas—that I use every day. Standing tall among these essential volumes is Norman Meyer's GAIA, Atlas of Planet Management.

Packed with facts about everything from the population explosion to biodiversity, our global energy reserves, and the greenhouse effect, the Gaia Atlas is indespensble for anyone doing research on or design for a healthier biosphere. The book's structure addresses the big issues, as demonstrated by the table of contents:

The Fragile Miracle
The Land Potential
The Land Crisis
Managing the Land
The Ocean Potential
The Ocean Crisis
Managing the Ocean
ELEMENTS (Energy, Oil, Minerals, etc.)
The Elemental Potential
The Elements in Crisis
Managing the Elements
The Evolutionary Potential
Evolution in Crisis (The destruction of Biodiversity)
Evolution in Management
The Human Potential
Crisis: The Inability to Participate
Managing Ourselves
The Power of Civilization
Crisis: The Divided World
Managing our Civilization
The Management Potential
Crisis: The Threat of War
Under New Management

Every topic is divided into several sections, 130 in all, each with its own colorful map, statistical charts, and concise explanation of the core issues. I give it the highest recommendation.

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