Design and Consulting for Your Ecological House

As well as publishing Your Ecological House™, I offer the wide range of Ecological Design services described here:


Before beginning any construction project, you should determine its legal, financial and architectural feasibility. If you are planning to build an ecological house or to remodel, my general knowledge of design and construction, combined with my specialized knowledge of ecological design principles and practices, can help you get your project going on the right foot. In the course of a two to three hour consultation, I can help you determine whether you ideas are practical and also suggest alternatives you may not have thought of.

I offer both on-site and remote consultations. Because I live in Corvallis, Oregon, on-site consultations are most practical along the Portland-to-Eugene corridor. However, I'm willing to travel almost anywhere, particularly to California and the western states, if the financing and scheduling can be worked out.

Remote consultations are done by email or phone using exchanged documents. If you can send me a plot plan of your property, floor plan of your house and some photos, I can evaluate your site's ecological potential and provide you with design ideas and other relevant information. Just providing me with the needed documentation will help you clarify your own thinking about what you want to build and how to go about your project.


If your project has good feasibility, I can help you with every step in the design process from setting up your "program," or list of the project's goals, to completing the construction documents you need to apply for a permit. Depending on your location and budget, it may wise to have me produce your general design and long-range program, then use a local engineer, architect or contractor to help you complete your project.

I could, for example, assess your property and help you create your ecological design program. I could then provide scaled drawings for improvements to be built in one or more phases. Those drawings could be then be turned over to the appropriate construction specialist who would add the details needed to satisfy your local codes.

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