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Backup Heating System Series

The following two articles and related chart were writen as coordinated pieces—Choosing a Backup Heating System and the Backup Heating Systems Chart are auxilliary to the main article, When the Sun Hides. The articles can be read together or separately, but you'll learn the most if you read them all, in the order presented.


These articles and columns were originally published in other venues (not on this Web site). Note that articles are typically uploaded to this site several weeks after they are published in their original venue. If you are looking for an article you've seen somewhere, please be patient and keep checking back. New articles on topics ranging from solar design to gray water systems will be posted here, so please visit often.

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Because today's issues and problems will, unfortunately, still confront us for decades to come, Ecotecture's articles seldom go "out of date."Therefore, when we need to make room on our home page for new material, we move articles to our library where they continue to provide a rich resource for design, research and sustainable development.

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