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Why have we devoted a special section of Ecotecture, the Journal of Ecological Design, to houses? Because by creating a more environmentally friendly house, you can work directly on the planet’s problems — and benefit directly from your work. Keep addressing the broad issues discussed in Ecotecture, but learn what you can do at Your Ecological House . . .

Community Solar: Ellensburg, Washington Gets It Just Right

Community solar models vary, but Ellensburg, Washington's citizen-owned, appropriately-scaled, democratically financed system points to a sustainable… Community Solar cont'd >

Green School: The Greenest on Earth

At Green School, she sought answers to questions such as, "how does architecture affect the quality of eduction and connect students to the natural world?"… Green School cont'd >

Climate Change Events: Was 2012 the Mayan Apocalypse?

Climate change events made 2012 a watershed year for global warming awareness. Our picks for the major events of the year are outlined in this artice… Climate change events 2012 cont'd >

"Climate Change Adaption": Smart, Misguided or Just Plain Stupid?

"Climate change adaption" is the latest buzzword among those who see global warming hitting, but don't want to make any changes to doing business as usual… Climate change adaption cont'd >

Superstorms: Are they the New Normal?

Or, as some “skeptics” maintain, are todays superstorms merely natural phenomena that have and always will occur despite global warming…Superstorms cont'd >

The Arctic Ice Melt and the Price of Corn

The record breaking arctic ice melt of 2012 is connected to overall Arctic warming which is affecting the jet stream, exacerbating droughts in the U.S…Arctic Ice Melt 2 cont'd >

Record Arctic Ice Melt Threatens Runaway Global Warming

The 2012 record arctic ice melt confirms that the Arctic Ocean soon will be ice free in the summer months, threatening runaway global warming…Arctic Ice Melt cont'd >

Community Resilience Grows by Identifying Positive Feedback Loops

Community resilience and long-term prosperity can be built by identifying the appropriate positive feedback mechanisms …Community Resilience 3 cont'd >

Community Resilience, Diversity and Feedback Loops

Community Resilience planning can be improved by studying the role species diversity and feedback loops in resilient ecosystems…Community Resilience 2 cont'd >

Community Resilience, Ecosystems and Sustainable Economics

Community resilience in the face of economic and environmental challenges can be built using ecosystems as models of sustainability … Community Resilience 1...cont'd >

Concentrated Solar Power Generates Electricity 24/7!

Solar power plants with molten-salt thermal storage can generate electricity 24/7, overcoming solar's "baseload" limitation… Concentrated Solar Power...cont'd >

Integral Sustainable Design: Transformative Perspectives, by Mark Dekay

Book Review by Aran Baker: Until now, sustainable design has focused mostly on technological innovations and systems thinking… Review of Integral Sustainable Design...cont'd >

Building a Sustainable Local Economy: First Thoughts

Sustainable Economy Discussion Group begins to develop a plan for building a sustainable local economy based on environmental principles. Building a Sustainable Local Economy... cont'd >

To Tree or Not to Tree? How to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

We must reduce greenhouse gases that are already in the atmosphere to stem global warming. Growing trees can do part of the job to reduce greenhouse gases… cont'd >

Global Warming Solutions? Artificial Trees versus Real Forests

Artificial trees are proposed as global warming solutions, but are they as cost-effective, versatile and sustainable as real forests? …
Artificial Trees: Global Warming Solution... cont'd >

Biochar: A Global Warming Solution from the Ancient Amazonian Earth

The enormous potential of biochar to sequester atmospheric CO2, along with its sustainable agriculture and renewable energy benefits, make …
Biochar: Global Warming Solution... cont'd >

No Nuclear Power! A Response to NY Times's "Using Nuclear Energy"

The quick response is that we've heard all this before, and that no nuclear power plants are safe, and nuclear waste is an inherently unsolvable problem…
No Nuclear Power... cont'd >

Global Warming Solution? Energy Conservation and Carbon Biostorage

Any proposed global warming solution should try to mitigate and adapt to the negative effects by the least costly and disruptive means…
Global Warming Solution 2... cont'd >

Global Warming Solution? The Framework for a Plan

We need to formulate a comprehensive global warming solution now that will address the problem within the next 20 years…
Global Warming Solution... cont'd >

Can Gross National Happiness Lead to an Eco-nomic Revival?

Gross National Happiness has been intentionally contrasted with Gross Domestic Product, a standard measure of economic activity…
Can Gross National Happiness... cont'd >

Visualizing A Sustainable Economy: How Much Is Enough?

Sustainable Economy Discussion Group evaluates sufficiency in terms of Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs and the "Hungry Ghost"…
Visualizing A Sustainable Economy... cont'd >

How Can We Stop Global Warming? Brains, Bodies or BioChar?

...embark on a crash energy-conservation program to buy ourselves time, and initiate a massive biogenic carbon sequestration program...
How can we stop Global Warming... cont'd >

Is It Too Late for Renewable Energy to Slow Global Warming?

In 2011 the IEA issued a stark warning... it could be too late for renewable energy to stave off a climate crisis...
Too Late for Renewable Energy... cont'd >

Man-Made Global Warming: It’s Real, Get Over It!

…if you don’t believe in man-made global warming, you’re visiting the wrong web site.
Man-Made Global Warming... cont'd  >

Eco-nomics: Modeling a Sustainable Economy on Ecosystems

The growth and health of “the economy” is usually seen as unrelated to, or in conflict with the health of the planetary ecosystem, or ecosphere. This is an artificial distinction, because the human economic system is entirely dependent upon the ecosphere to sustain it...
Modeling a Sustainable Economy... cont'd >

The Future of Sustainable Design

It’s no longer just the peak resource freaks, environmental gurus and the anti-globalization crowd. Now, even the mainstream economists are beginning to wake up and smell the offing. We have entered what I call the Not-So-Great Depression, a double whammy of eco-nomic and ecological crises...
The Future of Sustainable Design cont'd >


Sustainable Development

ILLUMINATIONS: Cuba’s Fate and Ours, PART 1
A decade ago, Cuba was on the verge of starvation and economic collapse. Then she turned to sustainable development and is doing well despite a severe US trade embargo. What can this small island teach the rest of the world?

Havana, Cuba from the old Spanish fort
Havana, Cuba's, Malecon (seaside roadway) and hotel district as seen from the old Spanish fort across the harbor.


A Foundation for Nature-Based Architecture

Helical geometric forms

An architect and geometrician explores the fundamental helical form generators of nature and structure.


Prague Gnosis
The patient is the Biosphere. The disease is sprawl development. What are the chances of survival?

Appropriate Technology

—Eugenio A. Lomba-Ortiz
It is apparent that the "ecology" within ecological design is in need of critical revision.


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Give and Take
ECOTECTURE contributors Richard Register and Frijtof Capra air their (sometimes) divergent views on the automobile, sprawl and ecological design priorities.